• Optitrack 3D motion capture system
  • XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3 in 1 (3D Printer/ 3D Scanner/ Laser Engraver)
  • Othermill Pro machine for fabricating PCBs and milling aluminum, delrin, and similar materials with 0.001 inch tolerance.
  • Newport Integrity 3 VCS™ Optical Table
  • A custom friction/adhesion characterization system equipped with a 6-axis vacuum compatible load cell, three vacuum compatible motorized linear actuators, a vacuum chamber, a turbo pump, a heating/cooling stage, and a high-sensitivity CMOS high-speed camera with a Navitar Zoom 6000 Lens System
  • A custom electromagnetic coil system composed of eight electromagnetic coils, three Grasshopper3 high-speed cameras, VZM 200i zoom imaging lenses, controllers and power supplies and a PC with NI LabVIEW software for controlling this setup.
  • Lakeshore handheld Gaussmeter for accurate magnetic field measurements from 0.1 G to 20 kG (0.01 mT to 2 T) with resolution to 100 mG
  • Kewaunee Supreme Air general-purpose fume hood with velocity of 105 fpm and sash level 18''
  • Polymer casting equipment including a 2.75 quart Pyrex vacuum chamber, a VP4D dual stage pump, a digital hot plate, and a 120g, 0.1mg digital analytical balance scale
  • 3 THORLABS MTS50/M-Z8E 50 mm Motorized Stages with Controllers
  • 6 DOF ATI force sensor
  • 1 Dell Precision Tower T5810
  • 4 Dell Precision T1700 Workstation Mini Towers
  • Press drill, power drill, band saw, and hand tools

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