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First of all, thanks for your interest in joining the BIRTH Lab. We always welcome highly talented and motivated postdocs, graduate, and undergraduate students, as well as visitors interested in joining our lab (please see the Funding section below if you do not have your own source of funding). The research in our lab is highly interdisciplinary and we welcome students with a background in mechanical, aerospace, bio-medical, or electrical engineering as well as material science and physics. Here are a few comments to make your application process smooth and efficient:

How to apply:

If you think your background and interests fit the projects in our lab very well and you would like to join our lab, please send us the following:

1) Your full CV
2) Contact information for three of your references
3) A brief description of why you are interested in joining and how you can contribute to the BIRTH lab (please see the Research page for a list of active research projects).


We currently have some funding only for Ph.D. students. If you have your own source of funding you are welcome to contact us and send us the items above in addition to the project of your interest. In case you do not have your own funding, please see the following for additional information:

Postdoc applicants
Postdoc applicants interested in joining the lab are encouraged to apply for postdoc fellowships such as NSF fellowships and McDonnell fellowship. If you are interested in writing a proposal for any of these fellowships, please feel free to send us the items above.

Ph.D. applicants
We currently have some funding for Ph.D. students. However, graduate students are also encouraged to apply for fellowships such as NSF GRFP, NDSEG,Hertz Fellowship, NASA GSRP,and NSPIRES. This will provide you with an opportunity to work on topics that you are most interested in.

M.S. applicants
If you are interested in conducting your applied project/thesis in the BIRTH lab, please feel free to send us the items above.

Undergraduate students
Students from the Honors College interested in conducting their theses in the BIRTH lab and undergraduate students who would like to gain some research experience in our lab are welcome to email us the above-mentioned items. Undergraduate students at ASU are also encouraged to apply for FURI funding.

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