• July 2017: Living Machines Conference paper and poster presentation - H. Bagheri et al.
  • July 2017: Travel funding - H. Bagheri
  • March 2017: Posters at the TEDXASU - H. Bagheri, M. Ilami, A. Thoesen.
  • April 2017: Two GPSA awards (V. Taduru for Research and A. Thoesen for Mentorship)
  • Dr. Marvi will be co-organizing a symposium at the 13th World Congress on Computational Mechanics entitled: Granular Media Modeling and Simulation Techniques.
  • Dr. Marvi will be co-organizing a workshop at IROS 2017 on Robotics-inspired Biology.
  • New jobs: D. Elson, E. Fisher, A. Apostol (Clemson), V. Taduru (Test engineer intern at Otterbox)
  • May 2017: New graduates: D. Elson, V. Taduru, S. White, A. Apostol
  • Congrats to Next Level Devils robotics team for making it to the final phase of the NASA Micro-g NExT competition.
  • BIRTH Lab will receive funding from ONR to work on octopus-inspired soft robots.
  • FURI (Spring 2017) awarded to Mohammed Mahdi, Ivana Ninkovic, and Andre Apostol. Congrats guys!


  • Congrats to Fall 2016 Graduate:
    • Applied Project: Ethan Fisher
  • BIRTH Lab welcomes new members: Mohammed Mehdi, Ivana Ninkovic, John Millard, Sierra Ramirez.
  • Congrats to Andrew for passing Ph.D. qualifying exam.
  • Dr. Marvi gave an invited talk at the GRASP Lab at UPenn. - June 2016
  • Dr. Marvi co-chaired a session and gave an invited talk at the 2nd World Congress on Automation and Robotics.
  • FURI (Fall 2016) awarded to Douglas Elson, Michael Bejarano, and Shawn White. Congrats guys!
  • Outstanding SEMTE Honors Thesis Finalist (Spring 2016) awarded to Carolyn Harvey. Congrats Carolyn!
  • Congrats to Spring 2016 Graduates:
    • Thesis: Sunil Mate, Carolyn Harvey
    • Applied Project: Daniel Sanchez, Peng Wei
    • Other Graduates: Paige Farrell and David McKenna
  • BIRTH Lab end of year social
  • BIRTH Lab welcomes new lab members: Hosain and Mahdi (Ph.D. students), Abir, Mercedes, Sujal, and Ranga (Master's students), and Daniel, Douglas, and Michael (Undergrad students). - Feb. 3, 2016


  • Nov 2015: Congrats to Carolyn, Paige, and Shawn for receiving FURI award!
  • Sep 2015: 9 Master's and 5 Undergraduate students have joined BIRTH lab in last two weeks. Click here for details.
  • Aug 2015: The birth of Arizona State University's "BIRTH Lab"(Bio-Inspired Robotics, Technology and Healthcare Lab).

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